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5 Ad Conversion Tips To Boost Your Profit

Especially for our advertisers we have prepared 5 tips for an effective ad campaign at These tips will help you to get maximum conversion from your ad campaign.

1. Create attractive and informative banners. Use GIF or HTML5 to animate your banners. The banner is the face and brand of your company. The user should want to click on your banner. If banners are static and poorly designed, your conversion rate is likely to be low.

2. uses two banner sizes: 728×90 pixels and 300×250 pixels. Both are the most popular banner sizes among publishers. When launching your ad campaign, be sure to use these two sizes. Some publishers use only the size of 300×250 pixels, the others use only 728×90 pixels. To get the maximum number of banner impressions on the largest possible number of sites, be sure to use both banner sizes.

3. Create at least 3 different banners of each size. It is perfect to have at least 3 banners of 300×250 pixels and 3 banners of 728х90 pixels, i.e. at least 6 different banners. Ideally 5 different banners per size. All banners must be different. Users quickly get tired of the identical banners. Show them a new banner every time and users will definitely click on it and think about buying your service. also uses regular rotation of advertisers’ banners – the more different banners, the more impressions.

4. At you can select the categories of sites where your banners will be shown. There are three categories: Cryptocurrency News Websites, FaucetHub Websites and World News Websites. You can choose one or several of them. The more categories you use, the more banner impressions you get.

5.Coronavirus makes doing business significantly complicated. We are able to help you and wish to do it. If your ad campaign budget starts at $300, we can offer a discount to you. If you want to receive a discount, write to e-mail and we will make a discount for you.

We are available 24/7 from Monday to Sunday. We use an individual approach for each advertiser.

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