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Hello everyone,

CoinAd.media has launched a crypto service Marketplace that provides solutions for any advertising and marketing tasks; focused on the cryptocurrency and blockchain market niches. Typical challenges and problems shall be eliminated instantly by connecting publishers and advertisers in the industry on a common platform designed to meet their needs. Being in the market for three years we at CoinAd.media have studied requirements of the advertisers well enough, that is why we have collected in our Marketplace the most popular and requested crypto services.

For example, right now you can buy the News Distribution to Crypto Websites service with one click and select the site where you want to publish your PR story (Guest posts, Press release, Article, Review, News and etc.). Immediately after payment, your PR story gets to the publisher, who will instantly publish it on its website. The Marketplace offers you many discount packages for banner advertising at CoinAD.media. These discount packages will save your money in the present challenging time for business.

CoinAD.media – Crypto Advertising Network. Trusted by more than 170+ crypto related websites. Audience 100% Crypto! Create your ads using our advertising platform and generate top quality leads to your websites from our enormous publisher network.

Various options of Banner Discount Packages + News Distribution to Crypto Websites are also available in the marketplace which provides the opportunity to buy banners and publications on the web sites at a good and attractive price.

In addition to service packages we are giving you 10% off discount coupon. The coupon is valid within 30 days and may be used any number of times during these 30 days. Purchase any number of services and/or service packages and get 10% off each buying.

Coupon: BTC10-2021

The marketplace of CoinAD.media accepts payments in EUR, USD, USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC as well as any Bank or Credit Cards.

Save your money with the CoinAd.media Marketplace, get convenient and good advertising service with one click in your browser or mobile phone. We’ll take care of the rest.

News Distribution Discount Packages: https://marketplace.coinad.media/product-category/news-distribution-packages/

Banners Discount Packages: https://marketplace.coinad.media/product-category/banners-discount-packages/

Banners and News Distribution Discount Bundles: https://marketplace.coinad.media/product-category/banners-news-bundles/

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